SambaLá Samba School

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SambaLá Samba School
Group type Traditional samba school
Date founded (1994-03-23)March 23, 1994
Current membership 200
Country United States
State Florida
City Pompano Beach

SambaLá Samba School is a traditional samba school in the United States that currently resides in Pompano Beach, Florida. SambaLá was founded in Long Beach California but in 2015, moved to southern Florida. SambaLá continues to grow in Florida with active members living in Florida, California, around the country, and in Brazil.


SambaLá Samba School was founded in early 1994 by David de Hilster in response to his wife's Doris de Hilster homesickness for Brazil. David thought that creating a community for Doris in the United States, that she would not want to return to Brazil. The grand opening of the school took place at the Foothill Club (since razed) in Signal Hill California on the day of the final of the Soccer World Cup in 1994. SambaLá quickly grew with the local population.

SambaLá first paraded in Long Beach California with MILA Samba School (now disbanded) during the Long Beach Carnaval in 1995. In 1996 with the Long Beach Carnaval having ended, SambaLá started the Brazilian Street Carnaval which hosted several parades and groups on stage and was free to the public.

International Work

In April of 1995, SambaLá became the first samba school to have a website on the internet. Mangueira of Brazil soon followed and then Imperio do Papagaio was the third. In 1997, David de Hilster registered the domain which was to help organize the Unidos do Mundo samba school which paraded in the Sambadrome in the champion's parade in the year 2000.


List here are the personel of SambaLá Samba School.


Carnaval Artist

Current Directorate

Notable Parades

  • 1996-2010 Brazilian Street Carnaval, Long Beach, California
  • 2000 Parade of Champions, Rio de Janeiro
  • 2010 Rose Parade with Jack-in-the-Box

Notable Shows

Current Information

SambaLá Samba School is currently located in Pompano Beach Florida and has its own modest rehearsal space where it gives classes, practices, and stores its costumes and instruments.


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