Association of Samba Schools in Finland

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Association of Samba Schools in Finland / ASSF
Suomen Sambakoulujen Liitto ry / SSKL
2017 Finnish Carnaval
Formation 1989
  • Helsinki

Association of Samba Schools in Finland (SSKL) is an association founded in 1989, whose main goal is to organize Finnish samba schools, samba forces and promote the growth of the hobby in Finland.

The SSKL's main event is the annual Helsinki Samba Carnaval® - an authentic street carnival in Rio de Janeiro style! The SSKL organized the first time samba carnival in 1991 in Turku, Finland, and since then 1993 has moved to Helsinki where it takes place annually.

In addition to the carnival, the SSKL organizes training workshops and courses, as well as joint trips to the carnival to promote the Finnish samba. Finnish samba has gained a reputation globally - SSKL's samba performers over the years has been invited to perform in Malta, Sweden, Russia, Macedonia and Denmark, for example. The SSKL is a member of Federation of European carnival association (FECC).

Member samba schools in SSKL are: Império do Papagaio, Helsinki Samba Carioca, Turku Samba el Gambo, Kokkola Samba Tropical, Seinäjoki Força Natural, Helsinki União da Roseira, Tampere Samba Maracanã, Lahti

Supporting member is: Dance school Sambic