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{{Infobox recurring event
{{Infobox recurring event
| image        = asakusa-samba.jpg
| image        = asakusa-samba.jpg
| caption      = Flag-Bearer and Ballroom Master costumes in the annual Asakusa Samba Carnival
| caption      = Asakusa Samba Carnival Logo
| status      = active
| status      = active
| genre        = Annual Brazilian Carnaval Parade
| genre        = Annual Brazilian Carnaval Parade

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Asakusa Samba Carnival
Asakusa Samba Carnival Logo
Status active
Genre Annual Brazilian Carnaval Parade
Frequency Annually
Venue Asakusa District
Location(s) Tokyo, Japan
Country Japan
Years active 37
Inaugurated 1980
Participants 200
Attendance 500,000

Japan holds the largest samba parade outside of Brazil each year in August in the Asakusa District of Tokyo. Traditional


It is a little know fact that the largest Japanese immigrant population is located in Brazil where Japanese immigrants started their immigration in 1908. Today, there are over 1.4 million Japanese Brazilians in the country. With so many Japanese in Brazil, it was inevitable that samba would enter into Japan at some point and in 1980, the first samba parade took place.


Dancers from the Samba Parade in Tokyo Japan display their samba skills and beautiful costumes in their annual parade in Asakusa District.
The samba parade takes place in the Asakusa district in Tokyo Japan that attracts a half a million spectators, the biggest crowd in the world to see a samba parade.