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Here are the executive editors for the World-Wide Samba wiki. David de Hilster and Harri Engstrand met almost 25 years ago via the internet in the very early days of the world wide web. They are back together along with Alessandra Pirotelli of Camarote Rio who with David de Hilster, produced the very successful Unidos do Mundo 2000 and 2001. Alex de Oliveira was King Momo of Rio da Janeiro for 10 years and is currently a carnaval artist in Brazil as well as Carnaval Director at SambaLa Samba School.

Editor in Chief & Founder
David de Hilster
United States
SambaLá Samba School
David de Hilster.jpg
Editor in Chief
Harri Engstrand
Império do Papagaio
Brazilian Editor in Chief
Alessandra Pirotelli
Rio de Janeiro
Camarote Rio
Brazilian Editor in Chief
Alex de Oliveira
Rio de Janeiro