Samba Résille

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Samba Résille
Samba Résille's logo
Group type Bateria, samba class
Date founded 1992
Current membership 200+
Country France
City Toulouse

Samba Résille is an associative group of samba percussion, which aims at enhancing personal skills of people who join in through the practice of various rhythms. The association has built a cultural center in the very downtown of Toulouse, in which its rehearsals take place, like in a genuine quadra, along with offices and other activities.

The group was founded in 1992 by 25 samba enthusiasts who wanted to self-organize in order to play samba rhythms. It evolved since then to become a cultural association where more than 200 persons are involved, and in which samba activity still represents a large part nowadays. The samba band has played in various places all around France and Europe, and organizes now cultural exchanges all over Europe with various partners, including European Union itself.