Helsinki Samba Carnaval

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Helsinki Samba Carnaval
The Annual Samba Carnaval held in Helsinki Findland - the 2017 edition
Status active
Genre Annual Brazilian Carnaval Parade and Shows
Frequency Annually
Venue Downtown Helsinki Finland
Location(s) Helsinki, Finland
Country Finland
Years active 27
Inaugurated June 12, 1990
Participants 200
Attendance 40,000

The Association of Samba Schools in Finland (ASSF) and its member samba schools hold an annual parade in Helsinki Finland during the summer. First held in the city of Turku in 1991, it was soon moved to the capital Helsinki in 1993 where it has remained every since. Current there are 4-7 samba schools in the parade competing for the Finnish championships and also other groups between them.


Each year, samba schools compete for the top prize of champion of the year.