Carlinhos do Pandeiro

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Carlos de Oliveira
Carlinhos do Pandeiro de Ouro, world-famous Pandeiro player
Born ??
Rio de Janeiro
Nationality Brazil
Occupation Percussionist, specializing in the Brazilian Pandeiro
Years active 60
Known for Pandeiro playing and juggling, winning the "golden pandeiro" award during Rio carnaval, and appearance in the Oscar-winning foreign film Black Orpheus (1959)
Home town Los Angeles, California
Children Ana Carla Laidley


Carlinhos do Pandeiro is a Brazilian percussionist most known for his playing and juggling of the Brazilian pandeiro, having lived and played around the world with bands, professional musicians, and celebrities.

Early History

Carlos de Oliveria was born in Rio de Janeiro and started playing music at an early age. In 1957, is talents were spotted by the director of the to be Oscar-winning director of Black Orpheus where Carlos played and danced with the pandeiro at the tender age of 12 years old.

Music Career

Carlinhos do Pandeiro played for the world-famous Mangueira Samba School of which he is still a member today.

In 2006, Carlinhos was honored by a samba parade in Long Beach California by SambaLa Samba School where music was written about Carlinhos contributions to the samba world. In 2010, Carlinhos played pandeiro in the United States most famous parade, the rose parade on top of the Jack-in-the-Box float with SambaLa Samba School.

More recently, he played on the soundtrack of the movie Rio and Rio 2.

Personal Life

Carlinhos currently lives in Los Angeles near his daughter Ana Carla Laidley, plays percussion professionally when called, and teaches percussion and pandeiro both public ally and privately.