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Ana Carla Laidley
Ana Carla Laidley - Psychotherapist, samba dancer and instructor, and event producer
Born ??
Nationality United States, Brazil
Occupation Psychotherapist, samba dancer, and event producer
Years active 24
Known for daughter of Carlinhos do Pandeiro, dancing and teaching Malandro and Samba dance, and
Home town California
Spouse(s) ??
Children ??

Ana Carla Laidley is a American / Brazilian is a Psychotherapist and samba dancer from ??? who is best known for dancing and teaching malandro and samba dancing, as well as being the daughter of the famous pandeiro player, Carlinhos do Pandeiro. She is also producer of the International Samba Congress based in Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro.

Personal History

Professional Work

Samba Work