Ana Carla Laidley

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Ana Carla Laidley
Ana Carla Laidley - Psychotherapist, samba dancer and instructor, and event producer
Born ??
Nationality Brazil
Occupation Psychotherapist, samba dancer, and event producer
Years active 23
Known for daughter of Carlinhos do Pandeiro, dancing and teaching Malandro and Samba dance, and
Home town California
Spouse(s) ??
Children ??

Ana Carla Laidley is a Brazilian is a Psychotherapist and samba dancer from Rio de Janeiro who is best known for dancing and teaching malandro and samba dance, as well as being the daughter of the famous pandeiro player, Carlinhos do Pandeiro. She is also producer of the International Samba Congress based in Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro.

Early Life

Ana was born in Rio de Janeiro near Rio's famous samba school Mangeira. She eventually moved to the United States in ???.

Samba Work

Ana has been teaching samba for over 23 years in the United States. Ana’s classes integrate traditional and contemporary Samba styles. Ana has also developed a methodology to teach samba that integrates her life’s experiences with Samba and her psychology background. Her methodology provides a space not only for people for people to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Brazilian culture but as she puts it "as well as reconnect with their body, mind, and soul".

Ana is the founder of the groups Samba N Motion and Malandro N Motion and has choreographed several numbers that reflect the Samba of the Malandro (Brazil's street-wise guy), Gafieira, and samba itself.

Ana teaches at the Brasil Cultural Center in Los Angeles for 13 years, and she had developed several workshops and programs such as Samba, Sweat and Chicken Soup for the Soul, Super Samba Intensive, Samba Lele and Samba Madness. Additionally, she teaches at several other organizations and cultural centers such as the "Casa de Cultura" in Berkeley.

Ana also provides consultation for other groups involved with Brazilian events and collaborates with several organizations and institutions. She is part of the Board of Directors of Brasarte in Berkley.

Personal Life

Ana currently lives in the Los Angeles area is married to an American and has two children.