Alexandre Nouvel

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Alexandre Nouvel
Nationality French
Years active 25
Known for Samba Résille,, Blocodaqui, percussionist
Home town Toulouse, France

Alexandre Nouvel is a French who came up to samba in late 1991 and has been involved since with various groups in his area (mainly as a co-founder of Samba Résille and Blocodaqui). In 1997, Alexandre created the French Samba Home Page: Samba in France and still continues to be its editor in chief.

Recent Work

Alexandre is one of the directors of the bateria Blocodaqui in France since 2007 and he plays as a ritmista of Portela's bateria each year in Rio de Janeiro since 2014.

Although very commited to the samba network, Alexandre does not make a living of samba and works as an engineer in a French tech company.