Alex de Oliveira

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Alex de Oliveira
Born (1972-05-04) May 4, 1972 (age 50)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nationality Brazil
Occupation Teacher at UVA - Universidade Veiga de Almeida and Architect at Lopez Marinho Engenharia e Construções LTDA
Years active 40
Known for King Momo, Carnavalesco, Architecture, teaching
Home town Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Alex de Oliveira is a Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro Brazil and is best known for his ten years as King Momo (Rei Momo) in Rio de Janeiro. Alex also has been the carnaval artist (carnavalesco) for such samba schools as Portela Samba School, Rocinha Samba School, and Jacarepaguá Samba School (União de Jacarepaguá).

King Momo

Alex may be best known for having been Rei Momo (King of Carnaval) of Rio de Janeiro for 10 years. Alex was quite large and eventually had stomach reduction surgery after being King Momo to help him loose weight. He is now at a normal weight for his height and continues to maintain it with rigorous exercise and running events.

A lesser known fact is that Alex was instrumental in saving the institution of carnaval king or King Momo from extinction. With pressure coming from the public on the problem of obesity and health problems related to the traditional King Momo of Brazil, there was a movement to cease the tradition and position of Rei Momo. Alex was instrumental in lobbying many important people in samba and in the tourist industry to keep the tradition of the King of Carnaval and the campaign was successful.

Recently in 2016 and 2017, Alex has been asked once again to become more involved with King Momo of Rio de Janeiro.


Alex de Oliveria has a degree in architecture from ??? and currently teaches architecture and design at the university level in Rio. Alex has also worked for several architectural firms and can be found working on building and industrial design on project throughout Rio.


Alex also has worked as a carnaval artist (carnavalesco) for various samba school in and around Rio de Janeiro including Portela Samba School, Rocinha Samba School, and Jacarepaguá Samba School (União de Jacarepaguá).

Current Work

Currently, Alex de Oliveria is the Carnaval Director for SambaLa Samba School.

Personal Life

Alex is single and lives in Baja da Tijuca, a suburb of Rio and takes care of his grandmother who is over 100 years old.